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Email received 1st May 2018

Hello David

New glasses received today.  Many thanks for your efficient and prompt service, very much appreciated.

Kind regards

Lynn H  from  WA



Email received 8/10/2017 from Judith C

 David - thank you very much for exceptional service!

My glasses have been delivered today.

I unfortunately had lost my sunnies (bifocal - another brand) at the start of the Round the Bay ride last weekend... it was too dark to have on my yellow lenses as we started off so had them on the handlebars before the start.   Well, they didn't even make it to the start line...now, if I had had your safety strap then I would have had them on around my neck...

Very pleased with your product - good fit, the dioptre is a different shape to my former ones and I must say it is much better to use.   Also your package with the 3 lenses, case etc is VERY good value for money! 

Will certainly recommend to my cycling mates!

Thank you once again, 

Judy C

 David's reply

 Thanks Judy for your kind words and support








Email received 7/10/2017  From Robert B

Hi David,

Thank you for your very prompt response to my order. The glasses arrived yesterday and I was able to give them their inaugural ride this morning. The glasses are very comfortable and everything that I had hoped that they would be. As well as their offering great sun and wind protection, I was more than pleased that my Garmin bike computer is now very easy to read.

I am very happy with my purchase and can recommend your bifocal riding glasses to anyone who needs glasses to read.

Kind regards,

Robert B







Email from Susan B on 20/9/2016







Hi David




Fantastic cycling glasses! Very well made and the most comfortable glasses I've worn. 














Emails from Tracey F







Hi David,




Yes, you can most definitely use this as a testimonial on your web page (thank you for asking first)


 Again, thank you for the terrific service and product

Kind regards,Tracey :)




  On 25 Jul 2016, at 6:46 PM, David Brown  wrote:




Hi Tracey 




Thank you for your kind words  


May I reproduce them on our web page














From: Tracey F  Sent: Monday, 25 July 2016 6:15 PM
To: David Brown
Subject: Re: Rider Glasses




 Hi David, 




Thanks for the super quick service. I actually work for Australia Post & I received them at work on the Monday morning (sometimes our company gets it right -lol)




 I was thrilled when I opened my package to discover all the additional lenses which I was not expecting. I will be showing these glasses around to my triathlon teammates ( it's great to be able to read my speedo whilst on a training ride) and as I have just transferred to become a motorbike Postie I will also be showing them to my Postie workmates.




 Thanks for the great service and great product.




Kind regards, Tracey :)



Email received 1/6/2016 from Craig V of Nudgee Q

 Hello David

 I just want to let you know I received my glasses yesterday and am really impressed with them, thank you so much.

These are an excellent product and will be recommending them to all my cycling buddies.

It’s so nice to be able to read my Garmin again while on the go! J

Also many thanks for the prompt and quick delivery.


 Craig V







Email Received 20/3/2016  from Ian D of Mount Waverley

Hi David, 

The ride to Shep was a great ride even though some of us got lost at times. Hope you got home OK. 

Thanks so much & appreciate your help with the ride glasses - they work well.

Take care and look forward to seeing you next year if not before.

 Cheers Ian


Email received from John F Ocean Grove 2/2/16 

Hi David


Received my Bifocal Rider Glasses safe and sound. Packaging was great. Have been away so had my first ride with them this morning. I can now read my bike computer clearly. Perhaps I can reduce the font. Ha ha.


Two riding buddies have them and I never doubted their recommendation. I will be pleased to make further recommendations on your behalf. In fact I think I drummed up another customer after this first ride with them this morning.


Your service is first rate. Well done




John F  Ocean Grove


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Email received 16//2016 from Peter A

Hi David & Karen.

What a lot of relief for me. I purchased a set of Bi-Focal Sports Glasses. They Turned up the next day

what a relief for me suffering with Type 2 Diabetes and losing sight. That we have got under control

Well I went for a ride today and using my smart-phone “Sports-Tracker” app I could see really well.

I would encourage them to anyone who rides a Bike.to invest in a pair.

Thank-you David & Karen. Was Money well spent. 

Peter A



Email received Monday 14th December 2015


Hi David,

 thanks for the prompt and helpful service.

 I have worn these sunglasses on rides for over a month now and thought that you might appreciate some feedback.

  I just wanted to let you know that I am super impressed with the glasses that I received.

 I am now able to see so much more clearly, really helpful when using the mobile phone or changing the odd flat tire on the road.

  Vision improvement aside, these are great pair of sun glasses (I went the black option), that look stylish as well.

 Will spread the word about this great product.

  All the best,



Thank you Carol for your email

 Hi David and Karen,

Thank you so much for the glasses!  They are wonderful and I will be taking them to my optometrist today to get my lenses put in.

I was riding this morning with my blue tack on my glasses and thinking how nice it will be to not have the blue tack stick to my face!




Carol spoke at our Rotary Club last week After the meeting Karen & I chattered with her only to find out the troubles she was having with her riding glasses the outcome was we delivered her a set of Rider Dual Frame Glasses.

No Blue Tack required on these!


Check out Carol's story on her Website. What an Inspiration Carol is - winning Gold in London at  Para Olympics for her adopted country.

Thank you Carol. Let's know how the glasses compare with your old ones.

David & Karen

Email received 23/10/2015

Hello David,

Thanks for the rider glasses. Tested them out today and all went well. Great to be able to see forward and down with one pair. Had bifocal specs for years but recently had a cataract op on one side and use a contact lens in the other. The glasses restore the use of bifocals again.
Good strong materials. Had some difficulty in removing and inserting lenses but gradually getting the hang. A great investment.



NOTE from David Brown  IC Sport 15/8/2015

I received a request from Dave C for a second black frame (his email is below) We have not had any reports of black frames breaking due to normal use. How ever we were able to assist Dave out


Fri 14/08/2015 4:39 PM
Thank You David,

That is greatly appreciated and I would be happy to have you use my comments in promotion.  They easily represent the best $68 I have spent on cycling kit.  
I'll go in and make the purchase now.  

Kind regards,



Subject: RE: Rider Glasses
Date: Fri, 14 Aug 2015 16:32:07 +1000

Hi Dave

Thank you for your email.
I can supply a second frame and micro fibre pouch as requested.




Sent: Friday, 14 August 2015 2:43 PM
To:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Subject: Rider Glasses

Hello David and Karen,

I hope this finds you well and in good health.

I bought a pair of Rider Bi Focal Glasses from you not long back and they are simply great.

I am a shift worker and usually ride at night on one day, and then during the day the next.  Therefore I am changing lenses every day between the tinted and clear.  Every instance of changing of lens runs the risk of breaking the frame, or wearing or stretching it.

With that in mind I was wondering if you are able to supply a frame alone, and a second case or soft cloth drawstring case would be good as well.  That way I could have one frame with the tinted lenses, and a second frame remaining set up with the clear lenses for night riding.

If new frames on their own aren't available, would you have any returned pair, or glasses which may have been returned with damaged or defective lenses etc. which I could purchase from you for the frames?

Any assistance and consideration is greatly appreciated as I am mindful of the potential wear and stress I am placing on the frames by currently changing the lenses every day.

Again, I swear by these glasses and recommend you and your products to all my mates in the cycling world.  For an old bugger with dodgy eyes like me, it has transformed my riding experience. 

Kind regards,

Dave C
(Cairns QLD)

From: Ian H
Date:11/08/2015 9:44 AM (GMT+10:00)
To: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Subject: Thanks!


Exchanged leg warmers & glasses lenses received ok yesterday.
Legs put to the test this morning & performed very well thank you.
Might have to wait a while to test out the sunnies!


Email Received from Ian R Clovedale Vic on 1/7/2015

Hi David & Karen,

I received my new glasses today.  Thank-you for the prompt service.
I wore them on a 2 hour ride today & I'm absolutely delighted with them.  No more squinting to try to read my Garmin computer!
This is exactly the product I needed.  Not having to carry an extra pair of glasses is fantastic.
Congratulations on providing such an outstanding innovation for cyclists.  I'll definitely spread the word!

Kind regards, Ian R

Email received 24/6/2015 From Debbie W  in Upwey

G'day David,

They've arrived!
What prompt service - thank you!
I've changed the lenses over on mine - no problem (good instructions). I will pop N..l's down to the Optometrist's tomorrow morning.
I am SO looking forward to seeing where I'm going!
Thanks once again. I hope to see you and Karen on the track soon.



Email received 23/6/2015

Hi David,

I have been using the glasses for the last few rides that I have done and I must say that they are great. I have previously been using a pair of prescription sunglasses but have found these to be much help more suitable for cycling. Don't know how I managed before.

David H

I C Sports reply

Thanks David for allowing us to use your words.
What you have experienced is common amongst our fellow riders and its not until you try and use the glasses that you become aware of their benefits.
Safe riding

Regards David Brown

Email received 16/6/2015


No problem with using my email and feel free to edit as you see fit..



This is Peter's email, dated 16/6/2015:


ordering = perfect
delivery = peerfect
fit and utility = peeerfect.

Only suggestion would be to consider inserting a brief instruction about how to extract lenses from frames.  Dummies like me could take a couple of minutes pulling at wrong end first.  Also wasn't aware extra non glare lenses weren't bi focal.  Other wise it is rare that I have been as happy with any purchase in my time - particularly as my reading vision moves from 1+ to 2+ and beyond!!


Peter W

Sorry Peter,

I must have left out the instructions when posting your order please find them attached to my email to you.



From Stev J
Sunday 7th June 2015
To David & Karen Brown
I C Sports

Yes, that’s ok.
You might also add that I was very impressed with the speedy delivery.



From: David Brown
Sent: Saturday, June 06, 2015 6:43 PM
To: Steve J
Subject: RE: Rider Glasses

Hi Steve

Thanks for the update
May I post your email and comments  on our web site



Sent: Saturday, 6 June 2015 1:01 PM
To: David Brown
Subject: Re: Rider Glasses

Hi David,

Glasses arrived safely this morning.
They’ll be just the thing for bike touring/map reading in a couple of months time.

Many Thanks,

Steve J

Sent: Wednesday, 27 May 2015 2:05 PM
To: David Brown
Subject: Re: Rider Glasses

Thanks David, they have just arrived. And they are terrific! They are just what my wife needed, even though she didn't know she was getting them . . . ;-)

I shall now be praising them around the rest of my (mainly elderly) cycling group, so you can expect some more orders from Canberra.


Thanks Ted

For your email and permission to publish it

Regards David

Email received 1/5/2015
From Marie M

The glasses arrived promptly last week – they are terrific. Thanks David

Email received 17/4/2015

All received thanks for the prompt service.
Used them on a late autumn afternoon ride already.


Mike F


Hi David and Karen

I have just completed my first ride since receiving my new rider glasses and what an amazing difference they have made!
I have diabetes and had laser surgery to remove cataracts and had lens implants that meant I could see distance ahead but I could not read my computer.  Now I have the best of both worlds

Thanks heaps

Ronald D
Euroa Vic

Hi David and Karen,

I have been extremely happy with the black frame bifocals that I bought from you in early March last year. However, I have lost one of the rubbers on the nose bridge and wondered if you have these available as spare parts.

I'm actually still wearing the glasses even though they aren't quite so comfortable as they were, because it's great being able to read my cycle computer, especially the road gradient when climbing, and I don't have to carry another pair of glasses to fix the occasional puncture or read the menu at the coffee shop!


Mark H

The glasses made cycling so much easier.


Hi Ron

Thank you Ron for your kind  words. May we reproduce them on our WEB page

Thank you David – yes you may use my words as an extremely satisfied customer

Ron's email 19/1/15


I used the glasses for the first time at the weekend on a 3 hour training ride and I will re-iterate some of your previous buyers comments on how comfortable they were to wear for extended time and the ability to read the Garmin display with ease as well as actually see my chain clearly. I am so impressed I have ordered another two pairs – one for my partner and another to keep for my motor bike riding as they make the use of my mobile phone when stopped a please rather than a chore trying to see the screen.

Thankyou for a great product.

Ron H
Mount Gambier West SA

6th January 2015

Hi David,

Received my Riders today. It is always like buying a lucky dip ticket when you purchase a product unseen on the net, well now and again you win.

The Riders far exceeded all my expectations and I already have several friends going to your site to order a pair.

10/10 for service and quality and exceptional value for money.

Cheers and thank you

Peter, Tasmania

Email received from Trevor 21/9/2014

Hi David,

Just a short note to say thanx for the glasses. It is like a new world on the bike. Never ever seen the GPS that clear whilst cycling. Downside is that I can now see the truth and will have to work harder




Hi David and Karen,

I received my glasses on Thursday and this morning was my first outing with them. What a difference they have made to my reading ability of my Garmin computer. When i wore them around the house i thought they may be hard to see with as the focal area seemed quite large , but when on and riding they are perfectly in place.  Many thanks to you for seeing a problem and finding a solution.

Rob Forster. 


Hi Again David and Karen,

Just a short note to let you know i am so happy with my Glasses that i have given my prized Oakley Radars to my son as i don’t think i will ever ride with them again. And also, i bought the glasses after i saw your ad in a Cycling magazine, so the advertising does work.

Rob Forster.

P.S. I sent you a thanks already last week but thought i would share this with you as well.

Thanks Rob for your feed back - David

Hi David,

Thanks for the prompt delivery of my order!!  The glasses (Black Frame/2.0+ Dioptre strength) will be great.  I plan on using them tonight on our Benalla Cyclists regular ride – as long as this wind abates a bit. I have had Alpina riding glasses with my prescription insert which sits behind the tint lens – OK but not really good in night riding conditions due to reflections.  It was good to get on to your site after a friend in Benalla received a pair of your Rider BSGs. I was not looking forward to paying well over $500 to replace the old Alpina glasses so yours at $66 are great value and look great too.  The other option of using ordinary riding glasses and carrying a pair of prescription glasses is not ideal, as you know. Good luck with future sales – look forward to watching your website for any other new products and recommending you to other riders with similar requirements.

Cheers, Rick A    

HI Rick & Jane,

Thank you so much for you wonderful comments.  We love receiving our customers comments.  Would you have any objections if we used your comments as a testimonial, we would only use first names and all other details would not be published. I hope the wind is on your back tonight.  Good luck.

Many thanks, David and Karen


Hi David and Karen,

The glasses worked a treat last night with the amber lens – looking forward to using the dark lens today.  It was extremely windy and we were not looking forward to the last 12km home into it, however it died right off at about 6pm and we had a really great ride in the end – just lots of sticks and debris on the roads.  You can follow me on Strava to see the rides we do around Benalla if you like! Happy to have my comments used as a testamonial – the BSGs are a really great product.

Cheers Rick